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The Bootlegs

There is quite a high number of live recordings, mainly from Laibach's more recent concerts that can often be found floating around online therefore this section will just focus on the bootlegs that were released on CD, cassette or record.

The Satanic Rock-Opera

Format: CD, Live, Unauthorized
Label: Golden Audience Edition – GAE 444
Released: 1997

01 Nato 4:57
02 Final Countdown 5:37
03 Dogs Of War 4:42
04 Alle Gegen Alle 3:53
05 Mars On River Drina 5:02
06 God Is God 3:45
07 Jesus Christ Superstar 6:01
08 Kingdom Of God 5:37
09 Abuse And Confession 5:16
10 Declaration Of Freedom 5:32
11 Message From The Black Star 5:43
12 The Cross 5:18
13 Sympathy For The Devil-Deus Ex Machina 6:33
14 Geburt Einer Nation 4:28
15 Opus Dei 4:40
16 God Is God Outro 0:41

Recorded live in Frankfurt, Germany (Batschkapp 02.12.96). Limited numbered edition of 500.

Live At Divergences/Divisions V, 1988

Format: CD ?, Live, Unofficial
Label: DMA2
Released: ?, Country: France

Side A: Face Une
01 - Krst
02 - Vier Personen
03 - Leben-Tod
04 - Država
05 - Trans-national
06 - Krvava Gruda, Plodna Zemlja
07 - Die Liebe
08 - Ti, Ki Izzivas
09 - How The West Was Won

Side B: Face Deux
01 - Jägerspiel
02 - Leben Heisst Leben
03 - Geburt Einer Nation
04 - Opus Dei
05 - Not live - Unknown
06 - Not live - Agnus Dei
07 - Not live - 3.Oktober (Kraftbach mix)

Live recording from 1988, Live At Divergences-Diversions V. March 12th, 1988 - La Vie C'est Moi 'Life - It is I' Laibach concert at the Divergences/Divisions Festival at the Entrepots Laine Hall, Bordeaux. Unclear when this recording was released and not certain what format it is in but it appears to be CD.

The Kitchen

Format: LP, Live, Unofficial
Released: 1988, Country: USA

Side A:
No details

Side B:
No details

Live recording from one of the New York shows at The Kitchen in June 1988. Going by a taped copy of the album the sound quality is below average.

Laibach – Live Zagreb 10.2.87

Format: Tape, Live, Unofficial
Released: 1987, Country: Yugoslavia

01 Krvava Gruda, Plodna Zemlja
02 Die Grösste Kraft
03 Ti Ki Izzivaš
04 How The West Was Won
05 Leben Heißt Leben
06 Geburt Einer Nation
07 Opus Dei

Live recording of Laibach in Zagreb 1987. On one side of the tape.

Laibach – Deutschland 1985

Format: Cassette, Live, Unofficial
Released: 1985, Country: Yugoslavia

Side A:
A1 ...Nova Akropola
A2 Vade Retro
A3 Krvava Gruda-Plodna Zemlja
A4 Die Liebe
A5 Ti, Ki Izzivaš
A6 Država

Side B:
B1 Panorama
B2 Sredi Bojev
B3 IV Personen
B4 Nova Akropola...

Live recording from Germany in 1985, Good sound but there are no details on which German concert it is from.

Laibach – 4.12.85. Oberhausen

Format: Cassette, Live, Unofficial
Released: 1985/86, Country: Yugoslavia

Side A:
A1 IV Personen
A2 Nova Akropola
A3 Vade Retro
A4 Die Liebe

Side B:
B1 Ti, Ki Izzivaš
B2 Država
B3 Vojna Poema
B4 Sredi Bojev

A live recording from Germany in 1985. There is some confusion over the date which would make it the Wiesbaden gig, the Oberhausen performance took place on the 5th.

Laibach – Mehanicki Balet - Laibach U Živo / Zagreb, Beograd, April, Maj 82

Format: Cassette, Live + Studio, Unofficial
Released: 1982, Country: Yugoslavia

Side A:

A1 Rdeci Molk / Crvena Šutnja /
A2 Siemens
A3 Smrt Za Smrt
A4 Država / Skracena Verzija /
A5 Zavedali So Se / Bili Su Svjesni
A6 Disciplina
A7 Tico - Tico - Klaus Wunderlicht
A8 Ostati Zvesti Naši Preteklosti / Ostati Vjerni Našoj Prošl. /

Side B:
B1 Stt
B2 Tovarna C-19 / Tvornica C-19 /
B3 Sveti Urh


B4 Cari Amici Soldati / Lj, Križanke, NR 82 /
B5 Smrt Za Smrt / Studio, Lj 82 /
B6 Zmagoslavje Volje / Trijumf V. / Studio, Lj 82 /

I came across this tape in the 80's, later it was released officially on CD as Ljubljana/Zagreb/Beograd by Mute Records.

If you have come across other Laibach related bootlegs not listed here, we would be grateful for any information that would help to make the list more complete. Email or