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Rare and Unique

In the large number of compilations featuring Laibach most of them do not have exclusive Laibach tracks, also those that are not actually album tracks are still often found elsewhere. However there are some compilations that do stand out for various reasons. Below is a list that would be worth checking out.

Laibach – The New Cultural Revolution

Format: CD
Label: Mute – LAIBACH-CIA
Released: 22nd March 2014, Country: Hong Kong

01 Brat Moj (Brother Of Mine) 6:01
02 Ti, Ki Izzivaš (You, Who Are Challenging) - Revisited 5:46
03 Anglia 3:46
04 Zhonghuá 3:48

Limited release

The CD was specially made for Laibach's visit to Hong Kong on 22nd March 2014 and given to all ticket holders on the evening of Laibach's performance at The Vine Centre.

Gesamtkunstwerk - Dokument 81-86

Format: 5 or 6 x LP and DVD
Label: Vinyl-on-demand – VOD 84
Released: 12th Septmber 2011, Country: Germany

Early Studio And Unpublished Recordings 1981-1986
A01. Industrial Ambients 3 (1986)
A02. Država (Taken From First Studio Session On 07.05.1982, In Studio Metro, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
A03. Industrial Ambients 1 (1981/82)

Live In Yugoslavia 1982 From Concerts At The Lapidarij Club, Zagreb 02.04.1982 (Croatia) & Student Culture Center, Belgrade, 18.05.1982 (Serbia)
B01. Rdeci Molk
B02. Zavedali So Se - Poparjen Je Odšel I
B03. Delo In Disciplina
B04. Ostati Zvesti Naši Preteklosti - Poparjen Je Odšel II
B05. Siemens
B06. Smrt Za Smrt
B07. Tovarna C19
B08. STT (Machine Factory Trbovlje)
B09. Sveti Urh
B10. Država

"Novi Rock Festival" Križanke, Ljubljana, 09.09.1982 (Recorded By Radio Študent)
C01. Cari Amici Soldati (With Introduction By MC Nada Vodušek)
C02. Jaruzelski
C03. Država
C04. Svoboda

M.B. 21.12.1984 Recorded Live On 21.12.1984 At Malci Belic Hall In Ljubljana
D01. Sodba Veka
D02. Ti, Ki Izzivaš
D03. Sila / Dokumenti
D04. Sredi Bojev

Vstajenje V Berlinu Occupied Europe Tour Live At Meropol, Berlin 20.11.1983
E01. Mi Kujemo Bodocnost
E02. Brat Moj
E03. Sila
E04. Dokumenti
E05. Sredi Bojev
E06. Perspektive
E07. Kolone

Live At The Berlin Atonal Festival 18.02.1985
F01. Ti, Ki Izzivaš
F02. Nova Akropola
F03. Dokumenti
F04. Sredi Bojev

"Ein Schauspieler" Staalplaat Tape Side 1 Recorded At NL Centrum, Amsterdam 28.03.1985
G01. Vier Personen
G02. Nova Akropola
G03. Vade Retro
G04. Die Liebe
G05. Ti, Ki Izzivaš

"Ein Schauspieler" Staalplaat Tape Side B Recorded At Posthoorn Kerk, Amsterdam 16.02.1985
H01. Nova Akropola
H02. Vade Retro
H03. Organofonija

"Krvava Gruda - Plodna Zemlja" Concert At Hum, Goriška Brda, Near Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, 05.04.1986 (Organised By OO Zsms - Strelišce Dobrovo, Recorded By Ernest Žnidaršic)
I01. Intro (Woodutting & Chainsaw)
I02. Vier Personen
I03. Nova Akropola
I04. Vade Retro Satanas

J01. Krvava Gruda
J02. Die Liebe
J03. Ti, Ki Izzivaš
J04. Država
J05. Vojna Poema (Outro)

The extra record in the 6 x LP edition
"Live In Hell" Recorded Live At V2 Organisation, Hertogenbosch, Holland On 28.06.1985 (Previously Released As Tape On V2-Archief)
K01. Vier Personen
K02. Nova Akropola
K03. Vade Retro Satanas
K04. Die Liebe

L01. Ti, Ki Izzivaš, Pt. I
L02. Ti, Ki Izzivaš, Pt. II
L03. Država
L04. Vojna Poema / Sredi Bojev

Touch Of Evil (DVD) Zagreb - YURM Festival - December 1982
01. Cari Amici Soldati
02. Jaruzelski
03. Država
04. Svoboda

M.B. 21.December 1984 (DVD)
05. Intro
06. Sodba Veka / Ti, Ki Izzivaš
07. Sredi Bojev
08. Sila / Dokumenti
09. Panorama

Limited Edition of 600.

A limited vinyl only release featuring music from Laibach's early 80's era. The records were housed in a special leather-bound box which also contained the DVD, a 36 page booklet, poster and postcards along with a metal badge. The DVD features live-performances from 1982 and 1984. Although it was very expensive it was sold out shortly sfter its release and now has to be found on the secondhand market. The 6 LP edition was limited to just 99.

Volk Tour, London CC Club 16.04.2007

Format: CD, MP3
Label: Live Here Now
Released: 17th April 2007 , Country: UK

01 - Germania
02 - America
03 - Anglia
04 - Rossiya
05 - Francia
06 - Italia
07 - Espańa
08 - Yisra’el
09 - Türkiye
10 - Zhonghuá
11 - Nippon
12 - Slovania
13 - Vaticanae
14 - NSK

Tanz mit Laibach
Alle Gegen Alle
Du Bist Unser
Hell: Symmetry
Das Spiel Ist Aus
Iturk Laibach mix

Limited edition double CD of the concert at the CC Club in London

The CD version was made on the night of the concert in London and was available for sale to the audience before they left the venue. It's a very good recording of an excellent concert. It's unclear how many CD copies were made but it was sold out not long after the concert and is now only available in digital format. Most Laibach fans prefer to own a physical copy therefore the CD version is now highly sought-after but rarely appears on the secondhand market.

Occupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-95

Format: CD + VHS Video
Label: The Grey Area – NSK 2 CDX
Released: 12th August 1996, Country: UK

01. N.A.T.O.
02. War
03. Final Countdown
04. In the Army Now
05. Alle gegen alle
06. National Reservation
08. 2525
09. Everlasting Union
10. Leben heisst Leben
11. Sympathy for the Devil
12. Trans-National
13. Wirtschaft is tot
14. Geburt einer Nation
15. Opus Dei

01. N.A.T.O.
02. War
03. Final Countdown
04. In the Army Now
05. Dogs of War
06. Alle gegen alle
07. National Reservation
08. 2525
09. Mars on river Drina
10. Wirtschaft is tot
11. Sympathy for the Devil
12. Geburt einer Nation

The live CD and video box set was limited. The live NATO performance was the first concert to be released on film by Laibach. There was quite a bit of interest in this item, but today the VHS video is now virtually obsolete and in any case the concert has since been released on DVD lessening the demand for this release. However the live CD still makes it a desirable addition to a Laibach collection.


Format: Cassette
Label: Mute – C STUMM 82
Released: 21st April 1992, Country: UK

Cassette track listing

A - 40:23
1."Decade Null" (Laibach) – 3:29
2."Everlasting in Union" (Laibach) - 4:07
3."Illumination" (Laibach) - 3:55
4."Codex Tobus" (Laibach) - 3:39
5."Le Privilege des Morts" (Laibach) - 5:28
6."Hymn to the Black Sun" (Laibach) - 4:31
7."Young Europa" (Laibach) - 6:54
8."Entartete Welt" (The Discovery of the North Pole) (Laibach) - 8:15

B - 44:22
1."White Law" (Laibach) - 3:57
2."Wirtschaft ist tot" (Laibach) - 7:32
3."Torso" (Laibach) - 4:07
4."The Hunter's Funeral Procession" (From the "Wunderhorn" Trilogy) (Laibach) - 5:41
5."Kinderreich" (Einstein/Laibach) - 4:54
6."Sponsored by Mars" (Laibach) - 5:31
7."Regime of Coincidence, State of Gravity" (Laibach) - 8:03
8.Germania: "Steel Trust" (Germania/Bertrand Burgalat) - 4:29

Kapital is unusual in that the LP, CD and cassette releases each contain different versions of every song. Track "Steel Trust" by Laibach sub-group Germania, appears only on LP and cassette. Cassette is the rarest format and for many fans, it's also the best version.

Sympathy For The Devil

Format: 12" Picture Disc
Label: Mute – PMUTE80T
Released: 25th September 1988, Country: UK

Side A:
A Laibach – Sympathy For The Devil 7:51

Side B:
B1 300,000 VK – Anastasia 5:37
B2 300,000 VK – Sympathy For The Devil (Soul To Waste) (Instrumental) (Edit) 6:04

Sympathy For The Devil single was also released as 12" picture disc, while not particularly rare it is keenly sought by Laibach fans and so far the only Laibach picture disc.

Krst Pod Triglavom - Baptism

Format: LP Box Set
Label: Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien – WULP 005/6, Sub Rosa – SUB 33006/7-9
Released: 16th November 1987, Country: Germany, Belgium

A. 813-822
1. Hostnik - LP only
2. Jezero/Der See, Valjhun/Waldung, Delak
3. Koža/Die Haut

B. 1095-1270
4. Jägerspiel
5. Bogomila - Verführung
6. Wienerblut

C. 1961-1982
7. Crtomir
8. Jelengar
9. Apologija Laibach/Laibach Apologie

D. 1983-1987
10. Herzfeld
11. Krst/Die Taufe, Germania
12. Rdeci pilot/Rote Pilot

Box edition was essentially the same as the standard double LP.

Rekapitulacija 1980-84

Format: LP Box Set
Label: Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien – WULP 003/4
Released: 9th May 1985, Germany

1. Cari amici soldati
2. interlude
3. Zmagoslavje volje
4. interlude
5. Jaruzelsky
6. interlude
7. Smrt za smrt
8. interlude

9. Sila
10. Dokumenti/Sredi bojev
11. interlude

12. Panorama 14/Mi kujemo bodocnost
13. Brat moj
14. Slovenska žena
15. interlude

16. Boji (Sredi bojev)
17. interlude
18. Ti, ki izzivaš
19. interlude
20. Perspektive
21. Mars

Box edition was essentially the same as the standard double LP.

Laibach / Last Few Days

Format: Cassette
Label: Galerija ŠKUC Izdaja
Released: April 1983, Country: Yugoslavia

1 - Panorama I
2 - Cari Amici
3 - Jaruzelsky
4 - Zmagoslavje Volje
5 - Smrt Za Smrt
6 - Drzava
7 - Panorama II

Last Few Days
1 - Polar Vision
2 - I Lie
3 - F1. Resemption
4 - Blind Knives
5 - Solemn Warnings

Laibach's first release.

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