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Remixes and Guest Appearances by Laibach

Morbid Angel I Am Morbid (Wall Of Morbid Mix)

Laibach I Am Morbid (Wall Of Morbid Mix) 3:28

Morbid Angel Illud Divinum Insanus - The Remixes
Format: 2 CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Label: Season Of Mist SOM256
Released: 24th Feb 2012 , Country: France

The double album featured Morbid Angel songs remixed by a variety of artists. It's the second time Laibach has remixed Morbid Angel's music. The remix also features in the Elegy Sampler CD number 71, released by the French magazine in 2011.

Rammstein Ohne Dich

Ohne Dich (Mina Harker's Version - Remix By Laibach)

Rammstein Ohne Dich
Format: CD Single
Label: Universal Music 06024 9869273 8
Released: 2004, Country: Germany

The remix later featured on the compilation album Rammstein Made In Germany 1995-2011, released in 2011. The remix is more like a cover version as Laibach also do the vocals.

Putokazi Play, Rew, F Fwd

Play, Rew, F Fwd (Guest vocalist Laiabch)

Putokazi Androida

Format: CD, Album, Copy Protected, Digipak
Label: Aquarius Records CD 38-04
Released: 2004, Country: Croatia

Milan Fras is a guest vocalist on this Putokazi track from their album Androida. The album also features contribution from the long time Laibach collaborator Iztok Turk. The favour was returned when the group supplied the females voice for the Mama Leone track on Laibach Anthems. The track later featured as four different remixes on the album Androida.Remixed, this was released in 2006

Siddharta B Mashina

B Mashina - The Laibach Remix

Siddharta Silikon Delta
Format: CD, Compilation Remix Album
Label: Multimedia Records
Released: 2002, Country: Slovenia

Shortly after Laibach remixed the Siddharta's version they decided to record their own version of the track for the WAT album released the following year in 2003. The track was later reworked again by Laibach for the Iron Sky project.

Umek Neuropa Humbug

Neuropa Humbug (Guest Host=Ghost)

Umek Neuro
Format: CD Album
Label: Tehnika CD TEH 006
Released: 15th October 2002, Country: Slovenia

Umek, one of Europe's top DJs was involved with Laibach's WAT album, around the same time he was working on his own project for the Tehnika Label. This resulted in the electronic instrumental album 'Neuro' and it also featured the bonus track Neuropa Humbug where Laibach and Umek combined to produce. On the album sleeve Laibach are not credited by name. It's the only song on the album that features any vocals, with Milan's voice instantly recognisable. The lyrics later featured on the Laibach song Anti-Semitism.

O.N.A. Nienawidze

O.N.A. To Naprawde Juz Koniec

Nienawidze (Coptic Rain Mix) (Laibach Remix)
To Naprawde Juz Koniec (April Nine Mix) (Laibach Remix)

o.n.a. re T.R.I.P.
Format: CD, Enhanced, EP
Label: Columbia COL 667248 2
Released: 1999, Country: Poland

Two tracks from the remixed album were worked on by Laibach. Nienawidze (Coptic Rain Mix)(Laibach Remix) re-appeared on a later compilation by o.n.a. 'To Naprawde Juz Koniec 1995-2003' released in 2003 by, Cat# 511336 2.

Renata Przemyk Zapach

Zapach (Germania Mix - Remixed By Laibach)

Renata Przemyk Hormon

Format: CD
Label: Sony Music Entertainment Polska COL 493035 2
Released: 1999 Country: Poland

This is a track by the Polish band Hedone who invited Renata Przemyk to be the guest vocalist. Laibach supervised the Germania Mix which appears on her album 'Hormon'.

Hedone Zapach

Zapach (Germania Mix - Remixed By Laibach)
Zapach (April Nine Shapeshifter Mix)
Hedone Zapach

Format: CD Maxi Single
Label: Sony Music Entertainment Polska - EPC 665438.1
Released: 1998 Country: Poland

Laibach oversaw two remixes of the track Zapach for the Polish band Hedone. Their track Zapach features guest vocalist Renata Przemyk, a popular singer from Poland, it also appears on her album 'Hormon'.

Joachim Witt Und ... Ich Lauf

Und ... Ich Lauf (Laibach-Remix)

Witt Bayreuth Eins

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Label: Epic EPC 489908-9
Released: 4th May 1998 Country: Germany

The remix is only available on a limited exclusive version of the Witt album "Bayreuth I", released 1998. The remix of Joachim Witt's "Und ... ich lauf" also appears on the minidisc version of Bayreuth Eins as "Soulshifter-Mix". The song is mixed by Peter Penko and supervised by Laibach.

Christian Death The Angels

The Angels (The Zend-Avesta Mix)
(AKA The Angels Laibach Remix '93)

Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams Death Mix

Format: CD, Remix Album
Label: Cleopatra CLP 9591-2
Released: 1996, Country: US

Christian Death's 'Angels' was remixed by Laibach and released on at least three Christian Death's compilation albums.

1 - Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams Death Mix 1996
2 - Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams The Best Of Christian Death Featuring Rozz Williams 1999
3 - Christian Death Six Six Sixth Communion

Morbid Angel God Of Emptiness

Morbid Angel Sworn To The Black

God Of Emptiness (Laibach Remix)
Sworn To The Black (Laibach Remix)

Morbid Angel Laibach Remixes

Format: CD and 12", EP
Label: Earache MOSH112CD
Released: 01st May 1994, Country: UK

Well known Laibach fans Morbid Angel had used Laibach's music as pre-concert entertainment, they took their appreciation of Laibach's music a step further by getting them to do the remixes for two of their songs. 'God of Emptiness' and 'Sworn to the Black' both from their album 'Convenant' was remixed by 300,000VK under the supervision of Laibach and released as EP alongside the original versions.

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