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Gesamtkunstwerk - Dokument 81-86

12th Septmber 2011

VOD 84

Gesamtkunstwerk - Dokument 81-86: The DVD

Touch Of Evil (DVD) (16:55)
  Cari Amici Soldati 2:57
  Jaruzelski 4:19
  Država 2:56
  Svoboda 6:43

M.B. 21.December 1984 (DVD) (25:10)
  Intro 0:34
  Sodba Veka / Ti, Ki Izzivaš 2:40
  Sredi Bojev 11:26
  Sila / Dokumenti 7:39
  Panorama 2:52

The DVD was part of a box set collection of LPs documenting Laibach earliest era. The records were housed in a special leather-bound box which also contained the DVD, a 36 page booklet, poster and postcards along with a metal badge. The DVD features live-performances from 1982 and 1984.

The Videos

Volk - Dead In Trbovlje

July 28th 2008


Volk Dead In Trbovlje

First Part

Second Part
  Tanz Mit Laibach
  Alle Gegen Alle
  Du Bist Unser
  Das Spiel Ist Aus
  Laibach Medley

Bonus Material

Videos And Screens
  Germania (Screen)
  Anglia (Video)
  Rossiya (Video)
  Francia (Screen)
  España (Screen)
  Türkiye (Video)
  Zhonghuá (Screen)
  Nippon (Screen)
  Slovania (Video)
  Vaticanae (Screen)

Volk Tour Medley

Initially intended as the premiere concert for the album VOLK, it was delayed until after the European tour. Performed live at the Delavski dom in Trbovlje. Primoz Hladnik and Boris Benko from the Slovenian group Silence joined Laibach on stage along with Mina Spiler.

The Videos

Divided States of America

13th November 2006


Divided States of America -  Documentary film by Sašo Podgoršek

Laibach Live - La Locomotive 2004:
  In The Army Now
  Dogs Of War
  Alle Gegen Alle
  Mars On River Drina
  God Is God
  Tanz Mit Laibach
  Du Bist Under
  Now You Will Pay
  The Great Divide
  Wirtschaft Ist Tot
  Das Spiel Ist Aus
  Mama Leone
  Sympathy For The Devil
  Geburt Einer Nation
  Opus Dei

Divided States of America was filmed during Laibach's tour of North America in 2004 shortly after the result of the American Presidential elections that had bitterly split the country.

Laibach at La Locomotive 2004. Live performance of the Anthems Tour in Paris.

The Videos

A Film from Slovenia / Occupied Europe Nato Tour 1994-95

29th November 2004


A Film from Slovenia -  Documentary by Daniel Landin and Chris Bohn

Occupied Europe Nato Tour 1994-95
  Final Countdown
  In The Army Now
  Dogs Of War
  Alle Gegen Alle
  National Reservation
  Mars On River Drina
  Wirtschaft Ist Tot
  Sympathy For The Devil
  Geburt Einer Nation

The second DVD is a Laibach documentary along with a live concert, Both features had previously been released on videotape.

Laibach: A Film from Slovenia' was originally released as Bravo, this version is only slightly different with extra footage.

Occupied Europe Nato Tour 1994-95 live concert was part of a limited box set which also featured a live CD recording. Within the concert there are footage from Sarajevo during the NSK State event that took place just before the arrival of the NATO troops plus additional material from elsewhere.

The Videos

The Videos DVD

1st November 2004


01 - Drzava - The State
02 - Geburt Einer Nation
03 - Life is Life
04 - Sympathy for the Devil
05 - Across the Universe
06 - In The Army Now
07 - Final Countdown
08 - War
09 - God is God
10 - Alle Gegen Alle (live)
11 - Wirtschaft ist Tot
12 - Tanz Mit Laibach
13 - Das Spiel Ist Aus


Past: Perfect
Past: Forward
Present: Tense
Tanz Mit Laibach
Du Bist Unser
How You Will Pay
Hell: Symmetry
Das Spiel Ist Aus
Satanic Versus
The Great Divide
Tanz Mit Laibach (video edit)

Laibach's first DVD features their promotional videos up to Das Spiel Ist Aus. It's actually the first time their promo videos have been collected together.

The bonus material is the WAT EPK, a 45 minute film created for the launch of the WAT album.

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