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After fourteen years the Unofficial Laibach Site has moved from the Glasgow University server and will be taking the opportunity to make some major changes. The site's focus will move towards a databank role for information that relates to Laibach. It plans to catalogue the various records releases, photographs, video/films, press articles, books and essays, etc. There is a vast amount of material, a lot of which Laibach themselves do not have any details. Some sections from the previous site will be dropped such as the NSK section as this collective ceased operations around the mid 90's. The site hopes to grow just like the original site on the Glasgow server therefore new features will be continually added, information updated or corrected.

The site hopes to be useful to all those interested in Laibach's work and can act as a reference source for those wanting explore deeper. Laibach reaches right round the world therefore we would require help from everyone who can share any material or information that would contribute to this aim. The bulk of the information on the site has been gathered with the help of many Laibach fans over the years. If there is anything you can contribute with, even if it's a small piece of detail or correction of what's online here already, please do contact us.

This is now the new web location for the Unofficial Laibach site. The website originally went online back in 1999 following on from the Laibach fanzines in the early 90s.

Laibach are an unique multi-media music group from Slovenia. They formed in 1980 when Slovenia was part of the Communist controlled Yugoslavia.

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