Laibachian Images

Image and copyright by DashaSS Frost

An unofficial poster for the NSK State by DashaSS Frost. It's certainly highly amusing and also captures Milan's caricature perfectly. A large collection of similar artwork can be found at including images of Depeche Mode and Rammstein.

Von Bach

Von Bach and Rebel

Von Bach was created for the comic book series Kingdom Come, published back in 1996 by DC Comics. The character was created and painted by Alex Ross, with the storyline written by Mark Waid. The German-speaking super villain was modelled on Milan Fras direct from the video of Geburt Einer Nation. Von Bach was also given various NSK style tattoos on his front, back and arms.


Alex Ross is a keen Queen fan therefore possibly first came across Laibach's through their version of Queen's One Vision that inspired the design of the comic book character, Alex had clearly done some research into Laibach and became aware of the NSK, utilising their symbols in the form of tattoos. However comic book enthusiasts don't appear to be aware of the link. Aside from the exaggerated superhuman muscles Von Bach is a carbon copy of Milan right down the moustache he was sporting at the time of the video.

In the story Von Bach breaks free from the Gulag with other villains to wreck havoc before finally being killed by Wonder Woman. However he re-appears later in another comic as a new character called Rebel, but very much Americanised using the confederate flag in place of the NSK symbols.

Battle at Murmansk, Russia 1942, during World War II. Ironically the photograph portrays a rather strong Laibachian image with the stag standing boldly amidst the battle. The photographer was Jewgeni Chaldej who had captured many the of iconic images from the Russian side of the war, most noticeably the photograph of a Soviet soldier raising a flag over the Reichstag after the fall of Berlin. However this particular image of the stag may have been manipulated by merging two images together. In the sky are British Hurricanes airplanes which may have been operated by British pilots as the RAF had two squadrons in the area at the time.

Above material was gathered by Nadya Lev

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