Make Up 2


            Above photos by Kiribiri

The appearance of Eva and Natasa was certainly one of the biggest surprise that met Laibach's long awaited return in 2003 when they marched onstage to fill the percussion roles that had always been performed in the past by males. It was a bold but highly successful idea and won almost instant approval from the main body of fans. Eva and Natasa performed this task brilliantly even although it was radically different to what they do with their own band Make Up 2. Eva Breznikar is the lead singer and original member of the band; Natasa Regovec had also featured for a spell before eventually moving onto to other things. Their inclusion certainly kept Laibach's image fresh, while it was a dramatic change after nearly twenty-five years with a predominately male line-up on the stage it still fitted perfectly into the Laibachian image. The female role expanded later for the Volk tour when Mina Spiler of Melodrom also stepped onboard in place of Boris.

At the launch of WAT both Eva and Natasha were members of the Slovene girl band. They were very much the classic girl band formula - having been described by Slovenia's media as the Slovene version of the Sugababes, with this label their version of Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls just wanna have fun' comes to mind. Lately they've broadened their appeal and have enlisted experience musicians to the band such as Jure Golobic who had previously worked with Omar Naber. Now with an expanded line-up with both male and female members Make Up 2 have evolved into a pop/rock band. Interest in the band has been growing strongly, no doubt to a certain extent due to their exposure with Laibach but also due to regular live performances in and around Slovenia. Although they are now pretty well known outside Slovenia but for the moment their live performances and CDs availability are largely confined to Balkans.

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