Final Countdown
We're leaving together
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back to earth, who can tell?
I guess there's no one to blame
We're leaving proud
Will things ever be the same again


We're heading for Mars
And still we stand tall
Coz maybe they've seen us
And welcome us all
With so many light years to go
And things to be found
We're sure we'll all miss her so


In The Army Now
Do you remember what the draft-man said:
"Nothing to do all day but stay in bed"

You're in the army now
In the army now

You'll be the hero of the neighbourhood
Nobody knows that you left for good

In the army now
Smiling faces on the way to hell
But once you get there no one gives a damn

In the army now

Handgrenades flying over your head
Missiles flying over your head
If you want to survive, get out of bed

In the army now
Just ring out in the dead of the night
The sergeant called: "Stand up and fight!"

You're in the army now
In the army now

You get orders how to shoot on sight
Got the fingers on the trigger
But it don't seem right

You're in the army now
In the army now

Night is falling and you just can't see
Is this illusion or reality?

In the army now
Is this illusion or reality?

Dogs Of War
Dogs of war and man of hate
With no cause we don't discriminate
Discovery is to be disowned
Our currency is flesh and bone
Hell opened and put on sale
Gather 'round and haggle
For hard cash we will lie and deceive
Even our masters don't know the web we weave

One world, it's a battle-ground
One world and we will smash it down

Invisible transfers and long-distance calls
Hollow laughter in marble halls
Steps have been taken
A silent roar has unleashed the dogs of war
You can't stop what has begun
Signed, sealed, they deliver oblivion
We all have a dark side, to say the least
And dealing in death is the nature of the beast

One world, it's a battle-ground
One world and they smashed it down

The dogs of war don't negotiate
The dogs of war won't capitulate
They will take and you will give
And you must die so that they may live
You can knock at any door
But wherever you go, you know they've been there before
Well, winners can lose and things can get strained
But whatever you change, you know the dogs remain

One world, it's a battle-ground
One world, we are going to smash it down
One world, it's a battle-ground
One world, we are going to smash it down

Alle Gegen Alle
Unsere Kleidung ist so schwarz.
Unsere Stiefel sind so schön.
Links den roten Blitz.
Rechts den schwarzen Stern.
Unsere Shreie sind so laut.
Unser Tanz ist so wild.
Ein neuer böser Tanz.
Alle gegen Alle.

National Reservation
They took the whole eastern nation
Moved us on these reservations
Took away our ways of life
A hand grenade, and a carving knife
Took away our native tounge
And taught their English to our young
And all the things we made by hand
Are nowadays made in Japan

So proud to live, so proud to die

They took the whole eastern nation
Locked us in these reservations
Although we wear our shirts and ties
We're still the red man deep inside
Although they changed our ways of hope
They'll never change our heart and soul
And then someday when the world has learned
Civilization will return
Will return...

In the year 2525
If man is still alive
If woman can survive, they may find

In the year 1994
War goes on just like before
War goes on, it never ends
War brings bigger dividence

In the year 1995
Brand new war is born to die
From total damage to damage limitation
Fear is the key to defend the nation

In the year 1996
There is no need for politics
Seeing life with unseeing eyes
Seeing man see through the disguise

In the year 1997
The boil bursts in the face of Heaven
Dragon tears washed away thy youth
Wash thy hands of eternal truth

In the year 1998
Why shut the door of the Golden Gate
Rivers of people flow like blood
New race rises from the mud

In the year 1999
War destroys the last sky-line
A flaming cross appears in the sky
Man goes down as the bullets fly

Now it's been 2000 years
Man has cried a million tears
For what he never knew
Now man's reign is through
But through eternal night
The twinkling of starlight
So very far away
Maybe it's only yesterday

In the year 2525
If man is still alive
If woman can survive
We survive

In the year 3535

Mars on River Drina

  NATO released in 1994. An album of war related cover versions in a Wagnerian techno style. Inspired by the Yugoslavian war which was continuing in Bosnia at the time of its release. The songs are specifically selected, In The Army Now was a big hit in the Balkans at the outbreak of war. The album delivers serious questions on NATO's role as a stabilising force, Slovenian foreign minister handed the head of NATO Secretary General Willy Claes a copy of the album at a meeting. Laibach entered Sarajevo in 1995 to play on the last day of the war and one hour after the signing of the Dayton peace agreement.