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May '19 - Work by Laibach will feature in the exhibition titled Panopticum – The Austrian Maze in Venice. More details at

April '19 -

Peter Paradox

Peter Mlakar with 300,000VK have released their CD album titled 'Peter Paradox.'
It's available from April 19th from Dallas Records Slovenia

February '19 -
The Coming Race

On the eve of their The Sound of Music tour Laibach have released a video of the title track from their forthcoming soundtrack album for the Iron Sky - The Coming Race movie. It also features vocalist Maria Maya (aka Maja Keuc). The soundtrack album is due out on Mute in August 2019.

January '19 -
Laibach 4'33

Promoting Mute's STUMM433 project, Laibach released online a video of their interpretation of John Cage's 4'33. STUMM433 is expected to be released in May 2019 featuring over 50 artists. Profits from the release will go towards the British Tinnitus Association and Music Minds Matter, in honour of Inspiral Carpets founder Craig Gill, who suffered anxiety and depression due to his struggle with tinnitus.

Iron Sky - The Coming Race

The premiere for Iron Sky - The Coming Race takes place in Helsinki on January 16th. Laibach with Tuomas Kantelinen provided the soundtrack for the film.


REFORMA - a tribute from metal band Noctiferia
The Slovene industrial metal band from Ljubljana Noctiferia plans to publish a special album titled "Reforma", featuring covers of Laibach songs. The album should be released in the coming months. Noctiferia band members recently published the following post in the news section of their official web page "It was never a secret that we are fond of Laibach, their avant-garde approach to musical and visual art and now we feel it's the right time for us to pay homage to this artistically unique and provocative act".
The tracklist of "Reforma" will have covers of songs "Now You Will Pay", "Eurovision", "Das Spiel Ist Aus", "Smrt za Smrt", "Tanz Mit Laibach", "No History" and "Slovenska Akropola".

December '18 -
LIBERATION DAY Blu-Ray & CD - Supreme Leader Edition

The Blu-Ray of Libaration Day will be available from December 4th. Two versions, LIBERATION DAY Blu-Ray Party Member Edition and the Supreme Leader Edition which has extra material along with the CD of the new The Sound of Music album.
Available from Laibach's WTC site

November '18 -
Glasgow, March 3rd at the SWG3

The European tour promoting the new album will start on February. Two dates will feature in the UK, London on March 1st and Glasgow on the 3rd.
Glasgow tickets:

September '18 -
LIBERATION DAYS - Laibach and North Korea (DeLuxe Edition)

Liberation Days published by Timeless Ed. France, is a lavishly illustrated book on Laibach's trip to North Korea in 2015. Designed and edited by Valnoir with the director and organiser of the event Morten Traavik. There are four different editions, the deluxe edition includes a voucher for the DVD of Liberation Day expected around the start of January 2019. The books are expect to be shipped on the second week of October 2018.
More info

The Sound of Music

New album by Laibach titled The Sound Of Music will be out on Mute on 23 November 2018 on vinyl, CD and digitally.

The release date for the Laibach Revisited project has been moved to Spring 2019 after deciding to make a number of adjustments to material including remixing the Laibach Revisited album again. There will be extra material for both LP and CD version from the recent live orchestra recordings.

July '18 - FORBIDDEN WHISPERS. LAIBACH AND NORTH KOREA. The exhibition featuring photographs from North Korea moves to Ljubljana's Photon Gallery. Opens on September 6th and runs until October 19th. More details

Laibach will at the opening of Austria's culture festival 'steirischer herbst' on September 20th. It has been stated that Laibach will interpret songs from the film 'The Sound of Music' and perform material as a preview of the group's new album.
More details

June '18 -

GESAMTKUNSTWERK LAIBACH - Klang, Bild und Politik (Sound, Picture and Politics) is an academic study of Laibach's work, looking at its techniques and impact. The book is a collection of articles in English and German from a number of European authors. Release date is 30th September 2018.
More details:

FORBIDDEN WHISPERS. LAIBACH AND NORTH KOREA. An exhibition featuring photographs from North Korea along with those surrounding Laibach's visit. It opens on June 28th at the Photon Gallery Vienna and will run until August 10th. More details

May '18 - The Laibach Revisited material can now be pre-ordered from their WTC site. Both vinyl and CD box sets are expected to be released in September, however ordering before June 15th can earn a 20% discount. The prepayment option also entitles you to receive two additional exclusives as a bonus:
  A digital live album - with selected tracks recorded during Laibach's recent Also Sprach Zarathustra European Tour 2017/2018. You will receive a download link immediately upon payment at the Laibach WTC.
  A Laibach Revisited T-shirt (The T-shirt will be delivered together with the selected product).

Meanwhile a film 'LP film Laibach Glasba je casovna umetnost 3' has been made on the making and impact of Laibach's first album. Music is the Art of Time documentary series is about that time and albums which managed to do this. The premiere screening is due to take place at The Cinema Courtyard in Ljubljana on June12th. More details

March '18 - Laibach are involved in a project celebrating 100 years of Poland's independence on May 12th. The multimedia show is inspired by Andrzej Panufnik's "Sinfonia Sacra" (Symphony no. 3) featuring a symphony orchestra and will take place at Opera Hall of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, Poland. More details

December '17 - The second part of the European tour promoting Also Sprach Zarathustra is lined up for March 2018, dates are still being added.

Meanwhile prior to the tour Laibach are due to play at the 2018 Barents Spektakel festival in Norway. The location is far north near the Russian border. More details.

They will also perform at the Punta della Dogana exhibition taking place on February 23rd and 24th in Venice, Italy. More Details

Laibach is now on the Steemit Blockchain Social Network. Follow Laibach at Steemit

November '17 - BBC Four Storyville - When Rock Arrived in North Korea: Liberation Day. This will be broadcasted on December 7th at 11PM on the UK channel BBC 4.
More details

Laibach Revisited

Laibach Revisited
They are finally releasing the long awaited LAIBACH REVISITED material! 3 hours of music on vinyl, CD and USB, plus a 150-page book with an expansive essay on Laibach, written by Marcel Štefancic Jr. The package is accompanied with additional text from the former president of Slovenia, Milan Kucan, and 56 linocuts, crafted by Laibach. To round it off we have included a badge, recreated from a 1982 original, a 34-page booklet with selected photos and information on the recorded material, along with a superb poster and more. There will be three options - CD Box, Vinyl Box and CD & Vinyl Box.
The planned release date should be in May 2018.
More details and the opportunity to reserve the package can be found at

September '17 - Also Sprach Zarathustra Premiere Concert
A limited and exclusive event only open to Spectre Party members is to take place in Trbovlje at the Delavski Dom on 29 October 2017. As well as the concert there will be a tour of Trbovlje and an invite to the traditional Laibach aftershow gathering at Mt. Kum.
Those interested can become a member by purchasing the Spectre party book, available from the WTC site.


The BOSSANOVA Remixes which had earlier been a digital only release will be released on 12" Vinyl and CD along with a bonus Remix. Release date will be October 1st 2017.
More information at

July '17 -
Laibach Revisited

The long-awaited Laibach Revisited (quadruple!) album has been announced for release at the beginning of 2018.

The Liberation Day film will available from July 17th as a digital download at iTunes.

The Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid are hosting the exhibition 'NSK from Kapital to Capital. Neue Slowenische Kunst An Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia'. It opens on June 28th and will run until 8th January 2018.
More details at

June '17 - Laibach received the lifetime achievement Golden Whistle award on June 13th. The Golden Whistle (Zlata pišcal) award is a Slovenian professional music prize awarded by the Cultural and Arts Society for achievements in the field of Slovenian popular music.

The Also Sprach Zarathustra tour has been lined up for this autumn around November. The one UK concert will be in London at the O2 Academy Islington.

May '17 -

Laibach collectors may be interested in the upcoming sale of an original serigraph titled POSITIVE/NEUTRAL/NEGATIVE. More information can be found at

April '17 -

ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA will be released by Mute Records on July 14th. The music for the album was originally created last year for a theatre production of Thus Spoke Zarathustra based on Nietzsche’s novel of the same name.

Tel Aviv

Laibach will perform a concert in Tel Aviv, Isreal on May 12th at Reading 3. The film Liberation Day will be shown the day before. The events are in collaboration with the DocAviv International Film Festival.

Jeonju International Film Festival

Laibach will return to the Korean Peninsula, this time in the south half with a concert in Jeonju as part of the Jeonju International Film Festival on May 1st. They will also present the film Liberation Day at the festival.

Laibach have announced that they'll be part of a special concert in Trbovlje marking the Day of Uprising Against Occupation during WW2. The concert will take place at the Delavski dom Trbovlje on April 26th, the whole show will be televised.

February '17 -
Bossanova Remixes

Laibach have released the Bossanova Remixes as an digital EP.
1. Laibach / Bossanova (A.I. Zero Remix) 04:02
2. Laibach / Bossanova (Flash Beach Remix) 03:10
3. Laibach / Bossanova (Melting Rust Opera Remix) 03:06
The files can be obtained from

Laibach and RTV Symphony Orchestra have announced a joint concert in Zagreb on 9th May 2017. It will take place at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.
Tickets can be bought from

January '17 -
Live in Hell

Laibach Live in Hell at V2 LP has been released by VOD. Originally released on tape back in 1985 and later as very limited edition of 99 bonus record to the VOD84-Release Gesamtkunstwerk on Vinyl-on-Demand. The LP can be ordered direct from

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