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The NSK was created in the process of dissolving the Neue Slowenische Kunst in the early 90's and does not function as an art collective. It's main role is to promote the NSK State.

Neue Slowenische Kunst

In 1984 three groups Laibach, Irwin (founded in 1983) and Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre (also founded in 1983) joined together to form the Neue Slowenische Kunst, brought together by their shared way of thinking and a similar way of expression through different media. Slovene musicians, painters, actors and designers working collectively under the organisation with a German name producing provocative and influential work as they began addressing the nationalist aspirations surfacing in Yugoslavia. Laibach is the ideological foundation of NSK while the Irwin artists group has the function of NSK biographers recording NSK archetypes on canvas and in history. The Noordung Theater (formerly Red Pilot, and Scipion Nasice before that) assumes ritualistic NSK contexts and operates through religious patterns above all.

June 25th 1991 Slovenia declared itself idependent which led to a 10 day war with the Yugoslavian military. The war moved on more destructively through the rest of former Yugoslavia. In 1992 the NSK redefined itself from an organisation to a state, a state within time and not within boundaries. This new state was declared in 1994 and passports are issued.

As well as Laibach, Irwin and Noordung there was also the New Collectivism Studio and the Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy, there was also a number of flexible subdivisions would that emerge as the need arises and dissolved under their own inertia.

Post Neue Slowenische Kunst

NSK has long since changed and the three main groups now work on their own projects and have little direct links other than the NSK State. There was no announcement marking the end of the collective but it is now assumed that the NSK State took over from the Neue Slowenische Kunst collective. While no longer a collective the groups still maintain links and have since collaborated on a number of events and projects and expects to continue doing so in the future.

NSK from Kapital to Capital 2015

Neue Slowenische Kunst in London 2012

Statement from the first NSK Congress, Berlin 2010

NSK Passport


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