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NSK by Inke Arns


Since I'm not fluent in German it will be some time before I'll be able to get through this book however there is a lot of English such as quotations mixed within which will make it a little easier. The book is in two parts - the main NSK section of 175 pages and a smaller independent Irwin section with this part being mostly in English. The Irwin section is in full colour, reprinting a selection of images from their work including photos of the NSK Garda project; an interview with the author in English also features. The main NSK section is sub-divided into 6 sections with a number of chapters in each; reprints and diagrams are in black and white. From what I can so far work out with my limited German the book takes an analytical look at the groups of the NSK and their work, mainly focussing on the 1980's period. Deconstructing the NSK's strategy with heavy reference to material written by Slavoj Zizek plus a number of other academic articles by other authors some of which I had not come across before. The book begins by studying the work of the individual groups of the NSK, in Laibach's case focussing on their artwork and political/cultural statements rather than the music. Moving onto looking at the NSK organisation as a whole and the way it was operating. Investigating the far-reaching influence and effect the movement had on the culture of Slovenia and the rest of Yugoslavia. The book also looks at the changes in strategy as a new dawn opens for the NSK and Slovenia in the 1990's; in particular the changing of the Neue Slowenische Kunst as an art movement into the NSK 'State in Time'. Though very much an artistic concept it has since evolved to a stage beyond that. The author is an art historian and curator, she has exceptional knowledge of the NSK and received full co-operation from them; therefore the book will be an enlightening insight to one of Europe's most revolutionary art movement in recent times. Unfortunately for me my limited German will be a hindrance to fully appreciating this book. Highly recommended for those who are fluent in German and also those with a keen interest in the NSK.

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