Saso Podgorsek

Saso has been responsible for a lot of Laibach's filming work since 1996 when he worked on the promotional video for 'God is God' since then has been handling much of Laibach's video work so far. He popped up just as the Neue Slowenische Kunst had ended and with it their video and film department therefore has helped Laibach to continue an important area of their work.

There is quite a noticeable different in style with Saso's work and the films made by previous directors. Saso utilises a more conventional and modern technique, often takes the one camera shot approach. The previous more retro style such as the blatant totalitarianism is much more diluted maybe a conscientious move by Laibach in the face of changing times as Slovenia moved on from its communist past. While Laibach's films and videos by Saso are not so overtly totalitarian in style instead they can be quite gritty or somewhat unrefined and certainly bleak as the video for Anglia demonstrated. However in the first video God is God the change wasn't so dramatic, possibly best described as something of a hybrid between the two quite different styles; triumphant and militant merging with Saso's new direction; this was the only promotional film from the Jesus Christ Superstars album and it was a good seven years before the next one.

Tanz Mit Laibach launched the long awaited album WAT and was very much a case of mixing old and new footage along with a range of external material from various sources, all working very well with the punchy nature of the song. Laibach dons military uniforms as some form parody of their former image to make sure their return was noticed. A few months earlier in April 2003 Saso had filmed the walkabout in uniforms in a shopping mall, which was later used in several other features as well as forming basis for the documentary "Einkauf im City Park - Laibach at the shopping mall".

After the release of WAT Saso accompanied Laibach on tour; initially it was to make a conventional road movie however the concept changed with the American tour which led to the highly acclaimed film Divided States of America. However the film had no obvious place for the material that was filmed during the European tour though some small clips of the footage did surface elsewhere. During the WAT tours Saso could be seen roaming around, almost inconspicuously, amongst the audience, often you would notice at the last minute or just after when he floated pass with his small movie camera.

Aside from working with Laibach he has been involved in numerous other projects as a full time director busy with television and film work not to mention producing videos for many other music groups and in particular the group Demolition - the band of regular Laibach collaborator Nikola Sekulovic. With Demolition he made a feature film called Dark Angels (Temni angeli usode ), where the group wrote the script with the bands members playing the main roles and naturally provided the soundtrack. The film notably features Laibach's members in small guest roles.

Saso Podgorsek has a web site at showcasing his work including commercial shoots and dance films.