Timeline 1980-85



Josip Broz Tito, President of Yugoslavia. The funeral attended by world leaders.

May 4, 1980, Ljubljana, Slovenia
The death Josip Broz Tito, Former President of Yugoslavia. The funeral took place on May 8th.

June 1, 1980, Trbovlje, Slovenia
Laibach is formed by a group of friends in Trbovlje. The date is symbolically chosen, it's not clear when during the summer of 1980 Laibach emerged from Dejan's earlier band Salte Morale.

Trbovlje posters and flyer.

September 27, 1980, Trbovlje, Slovenia
The first Laibach exhibition and concert "Red Districts" was banned by the authorities due to 'Illegal and irresponsible use of symbols'. It was due to take place at the Delavski dom (Workers' Centre) in Trbovlje. Laibach placed posters around Trbovlje overnight on the previous day which had attracted attention. The incident brought a lot of publicity in the press.


June 14, 1981, Belgrade, Serbia
An exhibition of Laibach's work took place in Belgrade's Student Cultural Centre. On display were painting, graphic works, articles and a presentation of Laibach's music previously recorded on tape.


Concert at the Disco FV 112/15 Club, photos by Vojko Flegar and Jane Stravs.

January 12, 1982, Ljubljana
First live concert at the Disco FV 112/15 Club along with an exhibition 'Victims of a Plane Crash'.

January 27th, 1982, Ljubljana
Laibach concert at the Disco FV 112/15 Club is listed in some publications. If correct it may be Laibach's second concert or the correct date for the first.

April 02, 1982 Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
Laibach concert in Zagreb at the Lapidarij Club.

Laibach artwork. 300 000 V.K. at ŠKUC

April 28, 1982 Ljubljana (Yugoslavia)
"Austellung Laibach Kunst" exhibition with the first performance by Laibach's sub-group Dreihundert Tausend Verschiedene Krawalle (300 000 V.K.) at ŠKUC in Ljubljana.

Austellung Laibach Kunst Belgrade 1982

May 18, 1982 Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
Austellung Laibach Kunst exhibition and Laibach concert ŠKC Belgrade. Laibach used military smoke bombs for effects during their performance. Kazimirov Kazneni Korpus (KKK), who were a minimalist/experimental music group from Belgrade, performed at Laibach's art exhibition in the gallery of the SKC.

Rock In Opposition Festival. Photo Jane Štravs

June 03, 1982 - Ljubljana (Yugoslavia)
Laibach at 'Rock In Opposition' festival, Križanke, Ljubljana.

June 28, 1982 - Ljubljana (Yugoslavia)
Smrt za Smrt (Death for Death), 300 000 V.K. concert at Disco FV. (Note, some sources place the date as the 29th.)

Tomaž Hostnik in the studio, Ljubljana

July 12, 1982 - Ljubljana (Yugoslavia)
Laibach previously had been recording their music on small recording equipment, in July 12th they entered a studio for the first time to record four tracks, Smrt za smrt, Drzava, Jaruzelsky and Zmagoslavje volje.

New Rock Festival 1982

September 10, 1982 - Ljubljana - New Rock Festival '82 (Yugoslavia)
Famous Laibach appearance at the Novi Rock festival at Križanke in Ljubljana, on September 10th 1982. During the performance a rock or bottle had been thrown hitting Tomaz in the face, however he defiantly continued to the end.

Final Academy posters.

October, 1982 - Some members of Laibach travelled to the UK for The Final Academy events and had met up with the British band Last Few Days. Laibach attended the event in London and also the TFA event in Manchester at Factory Records’ Hacienda club on October 4th.

Igor Vidmar and Ivan Novak with Dejan Knez at Disco FV. Photo Sinisa Lopojda. Poster for the event

November 23, 1982 - Ljubljana (Yugoslavia)
Laibach held an exhibition titled 'Night of the long knives' which included the first recordings of another Laibach sub-group known as Germania. Exhibition took place at Disco FV, Ljubljana.

Tomaz in Zagreb

December 11th, 1982 - Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
Tomaz Hostnik performed with Laibach for the last time at the Mosa Pijade Hall in Zagreb on December 11th. The concert was investigated by the Zagreb police and army officers.

December 21st, 1982 - Tomaz Hostnik was found hanged. He was buried on December 23rd 1982. Tomaz's influence continues to this day.


Poster for the Video Club night

January 16th, 1983 - Video night at Disco FV FV 112/15 Club showing a film of the Novi Rock festival 1982 at Križanke in Ljubljana.

Laibach with one of the offending pictures alongside other artwork

Painting recreating the extradition of Laibach from Zagreb

March 6th, 1983 - 'Ausstellung Laibach Kunst - Regime Trans-Avant-Garde' Laibach exhibition at the Mass Media Gallery, Zagreb. It was banned and closed down after four days on March 10th after Laibach had refused to remove a number of problematic pictures. Croatian police escorted the group out onto a train for Slovenia.

We are Forging the Future! video

April 1983 - Video for Laibach's track 'Mi kujemo bodocnost! (We are Forging the Future!) was filmed by Richard Heslop at Ljubljana's legendary FV club. It was inspired by two of Laibach's early posters from 1982 - 'The Death of Ideology' and 'Ausstellung Laibach Kunst - PM' from 1983.

April 21st, 1983 - 'Ausstellung Laibach Kunst - Monumental Retroavantgarde' (Ausstellung Laibach Kunst - Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde) Exhibition and presentation of first Laibach video titled "Documents of Oppression". Also marked the release of the cassette tape Laibach/Last Few Days at SKUC in Ljubljana. This is Laibach's first music release, a joint project with the British group Last Few Days.

April 22nd, 1983 - 'Instrumentalnost Drzavnega Stroja' (Instrumentality of the State Machine) Laibach concert at Dom Svobode (Liberty Hall) Šentvid Ljubljana. The concert included Last Few Days and 23 Skidoo.

Laibach with Last Few Days & 23 Skidoo outside Hotel Esplanade.         Onstage at the Music Biennial.

April 23rd, 1983 - 'Mi kujemo bodocnost (We Forge the Future)' Concert. The infamous all night concert with Last Few Days and 23 Skidoo at the 12th Music Biennial at Mosa Pijade, Zagreb. The police and organising committe stop the show at 5am. The main issue was blending projections of a p0rnographic movie with the film Revolucija še traja (The Revolution is Still Going On).

May 31st, 1983 - Laibach signed a contract with RTV Ljubljana to record and release their first album - Nebro Zari (The Sky Glows). Tozd Zkp is the producer assigned. The album's release was initially delayed by the producer and in the end never released.

TV Tednik

June 23rd, 1983 - 'XY-Nerešeno' (XY-Unsolved). Laibach made a controversial appearance on TV Tednik, a prime time political/news programme on Slovenian television. Laibach were being interviewed by its presenter Jure Pengov. Laibach appeared looking a bit like mean Nazi officials with armbands of the Malevich Cross. Behind them were drawings of Nuremberg style rallies with Laibach printed on them. Laibach recited their - Documents of Oppression. At the end Pengov branded them enemies of the people and appealed to the citizens, to finally stop and destroy this group.

Anti Laibach press

June/July, 1983 - Their appearance on TV Tednik quickly led to a large media backlash, some of the Laibach members retreated from public spending a short time in monasteries at Pleterje and Kum.

July 20th, 1983 - Ljubljana's political assembly states that Laibach are banned from using the name.

September, 1983 - Laibach records the 'Nebo Žari' LP at the Metro Studio in Ljubljana. They also record two 300,000VK tracks 'TV Generation and N.Y. 1984'.

Scenes from Documents of Oppression

October, 1983 - Laibach presents two videos 'Documents of Oppression' and 'Morte ai s' ciavi' at the Cankarjev Dom video festival.

Punk Problemi issue 3

October, 1983 - Punk Problemi issue 3 (October/November) features Dejan Knez as he looked from the Mi kujemo bodocnost! video on the cover. The transcript of the recent TV Tednik interview featured inside the magazine.

Tour Poster

The Occupied Europe Tour 1983. Laibach organised their first European tour with Last Few Days

October 31st, 1983 - Planned Belgrade concert is cancelled by the organiser.

November 1st, 1983 - Planned Ljubljana concert is cancelled by the organiser.

November 3rd, 1983 - The first concert of the tour starts at the Arena Club in Vienna, Austria

November 5th, 1983 - Concert at Budapest Collegium, Hungary

November 6th, 1983 - Czech border guards held the groups for 10 hours then cancelled their visas which meant two planned concerts could not go ahead, the groups also had to drive an extra 750 miles to get to Poland.

November 6th, 1983 - Brno cancelled

November 7th, 1983 - Prague cancelled

November 9th, 1983 - Concert at Krakow Club Rotunda, Poland

The Polish tour organisers invited both groups to visit Auschwitz.


November 11th, 1983 - Concert at Warsaw Riviera Remont Club, Poland

November 12th, 1983 - Second concert at Warsaw Riviera Remont Club, Poland

The painting made much later recreating the scene from the Warsaw Press Conference

A press conference with the audience after the Warsaw concert where many of the Poles were hostile towards the groups, convinced that Laibach were communists. The Solidarity riots were taking place at the time.

November 17th, 1983 - Concert at Torun Club Odnova, Poland

November 19th, 1983 - Concert at Wroclaw Collegium, Poland


November 20th, 1983 - West Berlin Loft, West Germany

November 26th, 1983 - Copenhagen Ungdomshuset Club, Denmark

November 27th, 1983 - Hamburg Poppengutter Weg Kir, West Germany

De Kapel

November 30th, 1983 - Den Haag Paard Die Kapel Club, Holland

December 1st, 1983 - Amsterdam NL Centrum, Holland. The Amsterdam concert at the N.L. Centrum was recorded and released later on tape in 1984 by Staal Tape, titled 'Through the Occupied Netherlands'. This tape also contained a soundboard recording which took place on November 30th.

December 1st, 1983 - Laibach signs a contract with the Belgian's label L.A.Y.L.A.H to release a 12" single.

December 2nd, 1983 - Eindhoven Effenaar, Holland

December 3rd, 1983 - Maastricht De Kapel, Holland

London Diorama. Photos by Andrew Catlin

December 23rd, 1983 - London Diorama, UK. Laibach's first concert in the UK, the base of Last Few Days.


Laibach and Nicole, London. Photos by Peter Anderson

January 1st, 1984 - Laibach photoshoot along with Nicole Capaan from Amsterdam at Karl Marx's grave in Highgate Cemetery, London.

January, 1984 - Laibach signs a contract with Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien, Hamburg to release Rekapitulacija 1980-1984

Sila/Boji/Brat Moj

February, 1984 - Belgian label L.A.Y.L.A.H. releases Laibach's first record 'Sila/Boji/Brat Moj'.

Hej Slovani

February, 1984 - The Laibach contribute Hej Slovani for the compilation Anthems 2 by TRAX, an Italian label. Laibach's first appearance on compilations. The official release date for this compilation is 1983.

UK press report on Laibach signing with Cherry Reds Records

March, 12th, 1984 - Laibach signs with the British record label East West Trading Co (Cherry Reds Records)

March, 23rd, 1984 - Laibach record the 'Panorama' 12" single at the Oasis Studios in London. The single is released shortly afterwards, exact date is currently unclear though reviews in the music press appear around August.

May 2nd, 1984 - The Laibach video 'The Debate Over Man' (A polemic monologue as artistic methods: position, problems, perspectives) is shown at the video festival held at the George Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Vstajenje v Berlinu tape - Laibach at the exhibition

May 5th, 1984 - 'Occupied Europe Tour Documents' An exhibition of documents such as posters and photos from the 1983 tour takes place at the SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana. The live cassette 'Vstajenje v Berlinu' (Resurrection in Berlin) is released by SKUC.

May 9th, 1984 - 'Laibach Im Hause Der Funkindustrie' (Laibach In The House of The Sound Industry). A night of Laibach music at the Discotheque FV 112/14 Ljubljana.

Laibach at the ŠKC in Belgrade. Photos by Zoran Jovanovic

June 6th, 1984 - 'Was Ist Kunst?' concert at ŠKC Belgrade.


October, 1984 - The compilation '84' is released by the label ZKP RTV. Two tracks from 300,000VK and a very short clip from Laibach feature on the compilation of Slovene alternative bands such as Borghesia and O!Kult. Tomaz Hostnik is on the cover.

October, 1984 - The formation of Neue Slowenische Kunst.

October 30th, 1984 - Premiere of Heiner Müller's Quartett by the Slovenian National Theatre. Laibach's music is used in the production.

December 18th, 1984 - Laibach's work features in the New Year exhibition of graphics and paintings at the SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana.

Memorial concert for Tomaz Hostnik

December 21st, 1984 - 'V Spomin Tomaza Hostnika' (In memoriam of Tomaz Hostnik) Secret concert in memory of Tomaz Hostnik at the Malci Belic Orphanage.


Berlin Atonal, photos by Thomas Meyer

February 18th, 1985 - Laibach appeared at the Berlin Atonal festival, a two day festival.

February 19th, 1985 - 'New Tendencies in Art - 80' Laibach takes part in a group exhibition at the SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana.

February 20th, 1985 - 'Berlinale 85' Laibach feature in video Infermental festival in Berlin.

Kulusic Hall

April 26th, 1985 - 'Continuity of Pure Form' concert at Zagreb Biennale of New Music '85, Kulusic Hall.

Laibach LP

April 27th, 1985 - Release of Laibach's first record by ŠKUC - R.o.p.o.t, record label from Ljubljana. The contract with ZKP/RTV was cancelled earlier due to their failure to release the Nebo Zari album. The record was unable to have the name Laibach on the cover due to the ban, so had to be recognised by the typical Laibach design. The track 'Panorama' was modified from the single released the previous year, removing the Tito sample.

Rekapitulacija 1980-1984

May 9th, 1985 - Release of Rekapitulacija 1980-1984 by German record company Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien. The double album is a selection of Laibach's music up to 1984.

June 15th, 1985 - Laibach appeared at the 'Neue Konservativ Festival' a two-day festival in Israel Halle, Hamburg.

Laibach introduced a change in their image, moving from military clothes to alpine hunting costumes though still quite militant looking. Antlers are introduced as part of the stage design.

June 22nd, 1985 - 'Occupied Europe Tour 85' Starts with a concert at the N.L. Centre, Amsterdam.

June 27th, 1985 - 'Vade Retro Satanas' Concert in the church of Posthorn kerk, Amsterdam. The performance was recorded and later released on tape titled Ein Schauspieler by Staal Tape.

Den Bosch

June 28th, 1985 - 'Life in Hell' Concert at Hell Hall, Hertogenbosch, NL. The performance was recorded and later released on tape by V2 titled Life In Hell.

Bloomsbury Festival

July 8th, 1985 - Laibach concert at Bloomsbury Festival, Bloomsbury Theatre Hall London.

July 9th, 1985 - Second Laibach concert at Bloomsbury Festival, Bloomsbury Theatre Hall London.

NSK edition of Problemi

July 15th, 1985 - 'Neue Slowenische Kunst 1985' A special NSK edition of Problemi is published with over 100 pages of material from the NSK with Laibach featuring heavily. Problemi was one of Yugoslavia’s cultural and literary periodical.

September 10th, 1985 - 'Laibach in Ljubljana', a round-table discussion on the banning of the group's performances in Ljubljana takes place at Peklensko Dvorišce (Infernal Court), Križanke, Ljubljana.

Neue Konservativ

November 1st, 1985 - Release of 'Neue Konservatiw' a semi-official numbered live LP, recorded from the concert earlier that year.

Laibach over Germany - The first bombing

November 17th, 1985 - 'Laibach Uber Dem Deutschland - Die Erste Bombaridierung' (Laibach over Germany - The first bombing). First independent German tour starts with concert at the Arena Hall, Munich.
The pre-show featured log chopping by their driver.

Aachen 1985

November 18th, 1985 - 'Nieschling Aktion' Concert at the Nieschling Club Aachen, Germany.

Markethalle, Hamburg. Photos by Thomas Meyer

November 26th, 1985 - 'Der Holzung' Concert at Markethalle, Hamburg, Germany.

Die Liebe

November 29th, 1985 - Release of 'Die Liebe' 12" single by Cherry Red Records in Britain.

Berlin 1985

December 2nd, 1985 - 'Ich Bin Ein Berliner!' Concert at Caffe Grand, Berlin, Germany.

Metastaza - Laibach

December 3rd, 1985 - 'Metastaza - Laibach' Dance performance by Damir Zlatar Frey, inspired by Laibach's music. The production performed in mud and dust with the music of Laibach at the Ljubljana Dance Theater.

December 4th, 1985 - 'Kreuzhacke' Concert in Wiesbaden.

Laibach chopping wood onstage and in performance at Oberhausen

December 5th, 1985 - 'Der Holzung' Concert in Oberhausen.

December 6th, 1985 - 'Laibach uber Dem Deutschland' Last German concert of the tour in Cologne.

December 8th, 1985 - 'Das Ist Kunst' Concert in Zagreb was cancelled by Laibach due to unacceptable censorship of the program by the management.

December 9th, 1985 - 'Das Ist Kunst' Concert at SKC Hall Belgrade. Official Laibach posters are banned.

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